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Setting Up Your Own Cook Day Club, Part 3

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So on to the next steps in getting your cook day club started:

Agree on date / time / location / recipes and purchaser
Remember to consider recipes that vary stove top time / oven time / or no baking (for instance 4 recipes that will require the oven should probably not be made on the same day!)
If hosting at one house consistently, the purchaser should show up 30 minutes early to set up recipes at each station & ingredients at each station. Consider which recipes take the most time and have the first to arrive (once things are set up) begin with this recipe.

First Time Groceries:
Laundry Baskets to carry ingredients (or used boxes)
Gallon Size Freezer Baggies
Quart Size Freezer Baggies
Sharpee Markers to write on baggies
Foil / Wax Paper / Saran Wrap
If meeting at one house every time consider host items that are consumable so the host is not always covering these costs: Paper Towels/Trash Bags/Coffee
If eating while there consider supplying Napkins/Paper Plates
Grocery List – we have a spreadsheet that we use as a grocery list – formulas are in place for multiplying the recipes for 3/4/5/6/7 people

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