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  • Menu – February 18

    Feb 17, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – February 18

    Thankful for all my Wildtree meals and healthy foods! Sunday: Cereal Dinner Friends Monday: Pancakes Gourmet Java Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries Tuesday: Cereal Chicken Pot Pie    Wednesday: Fried Eggs & Toast Sloppy Joes, Veggies & Dip Thursday: Oatmeal & Fruit Slow Cooker Chipotle Lime Chicken & Cilantro Lime Rice Friday: Hard Boiled Eggs, […]


  • Menu – February 11

    Feb 10, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – February 11

    Sunday: Cereal Stromboli Popcorn Monday: Steel Cut Oats with Berries Creamy Chicken Parmesan, Roasted Potatoes & Carrots Tuesday: Cereal Walleye & Chips Wednesday: Eggs & Sausage Chicago’s Italian Beef Sandwiches  


  • Menu – February 4

    Feb 4, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – February 4

    Sunday: Cereal Potluck – Mexican Meat Casserole (it’s from the Beautiful Cookbook) and so much better than the name sounds Monday: Scrambled Eggs & Toast Chicken & Scampi Gnocchi Tuesday: Cereal Lentil Carrot Soup Wednesday: Overnight Oats Queso Skillet Thursday: Hard Boiled Eggs & Fruit Salsa Chicken with Rice Friday: Cream of Wheat Dinner at […]


  • Menu – January 28

    Jan 28, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – January 28

    Sunday: Cereal Ethiopian Dinner Monday: Hard Boiled Eggs & Yogurt Homemade Pizza Tuesday: Cereal Chalupa’s Wednesday: Cream of Wheat Pizza Party at AWANA’s Thursday: Fruit Salad Green Chili Burgers, Kale Chips & Roasted Potatoes Friday: Cereal Teriyaki Sirloin & Peppers with Coconut Rice Saturday: Juevos Motulenos Pancakes & Bacon

  • Menu – January 21

    Jan 21, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – January 21

    Sunday: Cereal BBQ Pulled Chicken, Chips & Veggies Monday: Eggs & Bacon Spaghetti with a Bolognese Sauce, Garlic Bread Tuesday: Steel Cut Oats Dinner at a Meeting Wednesday: Cereal Pizza Thursday: Hard Boiled Eggs, Yogurt & Fruit Chicken Alfredo with Spaghetti Squash Friday: Oatmeal Texas Roadhouse Saturday: Country Breakfast Quiche Tandoori Chicken with Tzatziki Sauce, […]

  • Menu – January 14

    Jan 14, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    Sunday: Cereal WingStop with friends in Aurora Monday: Fried Eggs & Bacon Slow Cooker Deer Roast with Baked Potatoes & Carrots Tuesday: Cereal & Fruit Chicken Lo Mein Wednesday: Waffles Burgers & Salad Thursday: Hard Boiled Eggs & English Muffins Chicken Alfredo over Spagetti Squash Friday: Cereal Fajita Rice Bowls Saturday: Daddy’s Omelette’s Sausage & […]

  • Menu – January 7

    Jan 6, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – January 7

    Sunday: Cereal Mexican Leftovers Popcorn Monday: Eggs & Bacon Ugandan Beef & Onion Stew with Corn Bread Tuesday: Cereal Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice Wednesday: Hard Boiled Eggs & Fruit Walleye, Roasted Cauliflower & Peppers Thursday: Overnight Oats with Berries Taco Soup Friday: Cream of Wheat School Party Saturday: Jonah’s Birthday  Eggs & Sausage Links […]

  • Menu – January 3

    Dec 27, 17 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – January 3

    Wednesday: Oatmeal & Fruit Lentil Soup Thursday: Cereal Mexican Feast Friday: Pancakes Texas Roadhouse Saturday: Eggs & Sausage Ethiopian Christmas Celebration

  • Menu – December 17

    Dec 17, 17 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – December 17

    Sunday: Cereal Shrimp Alfredo Monday: Eggs & Sausage Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan Tuesday: Yogurt and Fruit Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches & Fries Wednesday: Pancakes Kale, Kielbasa & Rice Soup Thursday: Cereal & Yogurt Rudy’s Country BBQ Friday: Pancakes Avocado Cream Chicken Enchiladas & Borracho Beans Saturday: Breakfast Pizza Smoked Deer & Tartiflette Sunday: Overnight French […]

  • Menu – Dec 10

    Dec 10, 17 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – Dec 10

    Sunday: Cereal Egg Salad Sandwiches Appetizers & Dessert with Couples Study Monday: Cream of Wheat Sloppy Joes & Veggies Tuesday: Yogurt & Fruit Creole Skillet Wednesday: Oatmeal Turkey Cheese Sandwiches Thursday: Eggs & Bacon Korean BBQ Beef, Roasted Potatoes & Carrots Friday: Cereal Croque Monsieur Saturday: Cereal Chicken Pot Pie