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  • Menu – December 4

    Dec 4, 16 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    Sunday: Dinner with Friends Monday: Cream of Wheat Bruschetta Chicken Pasta (Wildtree freezer meal) Tuesday: Cereal Kielbasa, Potato & Cabbage Soup Wednesday: Eggs & Bacon Pesto Burgers, Roasted Potatoes & Carrots Thursday: Fruit Smoothies & Cereal Parmesan Chicken Cutlets, Ranch Dressing, Carrots, Peppers, Cucumbers & Tomatoes Friday: Fruity Oatmeal Bake Date Night Saturday: Egg Sandwiches […]

  • Menu – November 27

    Nov 27, 16 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – November 27

    Sunday: Cereal Soup & Wings with Friends Monday: Cream of Wheat Sweet & Spicy Thai Chili Chicken with Cilantro Rice Tuesday: Cereal & Fruit Homemade Pizza Wednesday: Eggs Pesto Burgers & Steak Fries Thursday: Oatmeal Garlicky Chicken, Corn & Rolls Friday: Cereal Herb Crusted Salmon with Couscous & Red Peppers Saturday: Omelette’s Steak with Wine Sauce, […]

  • Menu – November 20

    Nov 20, 16 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    Sunday: Cereal Popcorn Monday: Pancakes Sandwiches & Fruit Leftovers for Dinner Tuesday: Polish Pierogi’s with Brown Butter (My Mom’s family is from Poland – this is an annual tradition we have during the week of Thanksgiving when we are together!) Wednesday: Baked Potato Soup & Stitchin’ Steak Chili (Grandma’s tradition for family traveling in, for as long […]


  • Menu – November 13

    Nov 13, 16 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    Sunday: Cereal Tilapia with Chili Lime Butter & Orzo Salad Popcorn Monday: Eggs & Toast Asian Flank Steak, Roasted Cauliflower Fried Rice Tuesday: Cereal Chicken Parmesan Bake & Noodles Wednesday: Protein Smoothie & Fruit Fish Tacos Thursday: Eggs Early Christmas celebration out Friday: Cereal Chalupas Saturday: Daddy’s Breakfast Lemon Pepper & Balsamic Chicken Thighs & […]


  • Menu – November 6

    Nov 6, 16 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    Sunday: Cereal Tilapia with Chili Lime Butter & Orzo Salad Monday: Protein Smoothie & Hard Boiled Eggs Egyptian Meal – fish, cheese, pita bread, cucumbers, grape juice, fig cakes Tuesday: Cereal Mediterranean Chicken (freezer meal) with Couscous & Dill Carrots Wednesday: Nutella-Banana Rolex Country Quiche (freezer meal) Thursday: Eggs Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Coconut Rice […]


  • Menu – October 30

    Nov 1, 16 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – October 30

    Sunday: Cereal Picnic Lunch with friends Monday: Pumpkin Cream Cheese on English Muffins with Bananas Indian Dinner with Friends Tuesday: Cereal & Fruit Stroganoff over Egg Noodles with Roasted Cauliflower Wednesday: Hard Boiled Eggs & English Muffins Steaks with Roasted Potatoes & Salad Thursday: Protein-Fruit Smoothie Leftovers Friday: Cereal Meatballs & Pasta Saturday: Eggs & […]


  • Menu – October 23

    Oct 23, 16 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – October 23

    Sunday: Cereal Octopus & Seaweed Leftovers Monday: Oat & Almond Bars Chicken Sandwiches with Hashbrown Casserole Tuesday: Cereal Sesame Fusion Chicken (Wildtree freezer meal) & Rice Wednesday: Eggs & Bacon Spicy Beef with Couscous (freezer meal) Thursday: Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes Daddy’s Omelette’s Friday: Hard Boiled Eggs, English Muffins & Banana-Cinnamon Oat Smoothie Chicken-Noodle Soup Saturday: […]


  • Menu – October 2

    Oct 2, 16 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – October 2

    Sunday: Cereal Hangin’ with Friends Monday: Hard Boiled Eggs & Fruit Smoothies Basil Pesto Chicken Sandwiches, Red Peppers & Cucumbers Tuesday: Cereal Juicy Lucy Burgers, Roasted Potatoes & Broccoli Wednesday: Eggs & Bacon Ranch Chicken Chili Thursday: Fruity Baked Oatmeal Asian Skillet Meal Friday: Cereal Mexican Fiesta with friends Saturday: Egg-Cheese Burritos Global Outreach Dinner – […]

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