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  • Ginger Peach Milk Shake

    May 13, 12 • Dessert Recipes, DrinksNo Comments

    1 c milk1 c vanilla ice cream1 c frozen sliced peaches1/4 tsp ginger In blender, combine and process until smooth. Serve immediately...

  • Spanish Sangria

    Jan 2, 12 • DrinksNo Comments

    My cousin brought this recipe back from his time in Spain. We use Rioja wine, but I’m sure any red FROM SPAIN 🙂 would work 1 bottle of red Spanish wine 1/2 cup of sugar per bottle of wine Stir the sugar into the wine really good before adding the fruit Use the juice from [&hellip...

  • Chocolate Banana Smoothie

    Jul 21, 07 • Dessert Recipes, DrinksNo Comments

    1 c. chocolate milk1/2 c. plain yogurt1 medium banana, cut into chunks and frozen1 tsp. honey1/2 tsp. vanilla extract1 c. ice cubes In a blender, combine the milk, yogurt, banana, honey and vanilla; cover and process until smooth. Add ice cubes; cover and process until blended. Pour into chilled glasses; sereve immediately. 2 servings...

  • Raspberry Chai Smoothie

    Jul 15, 07 • Dessert Recipes, DrinksNo Comments

    12 oz raspberries6 oz plain yogurt1 1/2 cups chai tea1 banana2 Tbls honey Add all ingredients to blender – and blend...