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  • Spanish Style Salad

    Jul 18, 13 • Salad, Seafood DishNo Comments
    Spanish Style Salad

    While spending time in Spain we have grown quite fond of the wonderful salads they have. They are all pretty simple – with limitless choices and varieties, but what makes them a Spanish style salad is the layering and the dressing. They are often layered on a serving plate, with each topping put on top [&hellip...

  • Spanish Sangria

    Jan 2, 12 • DrinksNo Comments

    My cousin brought this recipe back from his time in Spain. We use Rioja wine, but I’m sure any red FROM SPAIN 🙂 would work 1 bottle of red Spanish wine 1/2 cup of sugar per bottle of wine Stir the sugar into the wine really good before adding the fruit Use the juice from [&hellip...

  • Spanish Spaghetti – Chorizo & Olives

    Sep 30, 11 • Entree Recipes, Pork DishNo Comments

    My husband took 1 bite of this and said – wow, this takes me back to our time in Spain! So good – and so many rich flavors from Spain. YUM! 1 pound chorizo4 anchovy fillets, chopped (reserve 1 Tbls of oil)3 garlic cloves, chopped1 28oz can crushed tomatoes1 c pitted green olives, halved1/4 c [&hellip...