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  • Beans & Rice

    Nov 14, 19 • VegetarianNo Comments

    Who knew? Who knew this could be come one of our kids favorite dishes? Who knew this could be the dish someone asked for to celebrate their birthday? Who knew this could be the dish – that everyone fights over as leftovers… It’s such  simple dish, and it’s changed over time as I’ve adjusted it [&hellip...

  • Menu – June 3

    Jun 2, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    Sunday: Blue Cheese Steaks, Grilled Onions & Roasted Potatoes Monday: Buffalo Chicken Wraps, Salad & Chips Tuesday: Pepperoni, Olive & Tomato Pasta & French Bread Wednesday: Hawaiian Chicken, Rice & Cauliflower Thursday: Taco Night Friday: Out to eat – somewhere fun!?! Saturday: Shrimp & Pineapple Kebabs with Coconut-Lime Cilantro Rice...

  • Menu – May 27

    May 27, 18 • Menu PlanningComments Off on Menu – May 27

    Sunday: Campground Community BBQ – Klamath River RV Park has been AMAZING!! Such great hospitality, great staff, even has a coffee shop on site with fresh made cookies, muffins… and free coffee all day long. They set out a big spread today for all to enjoy, grilling hot dogs, and polish sausage, with plenty of [&hellip...

  • Menu – May 20

    May 20, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    As to be expected, what we thought the first week would be like and what it really looked like, was different. I’m expecting we’ll continue to have a few weeks of adjusting to what our new norm will be. But today is a new day and today we will plan as if we have an [&hellip...

  • A New Way of Cooking – May 11 going forward

    May 11, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    And we’re off on a new journey… a 14-month on the road, in a 5th wheel type journey across the US. I’m not quite sure what this looks like for cooking, but my kitchen sure looks a little different. I have 3 small burners, a tiny, tiny, did I say tiny oven, a crockpot and [&hellip...

  • Menu – May 6

    May 6, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    Sunday: Cereal Deli Meat Sandwiches, Veggies & Chips Potluck – Chipotle Lime Burgers & Side Dish Monday: Cereal Texas Roadhouse Tuesday: Oatmeal Black Bean Soup Wednesday: Scrambled Eggs & Spinach Chicken with Bajia Sauce, Rice & Cabbage Thursday: Cereal & Yogurt Arlene’s Beans – one more time before we hit the road!  ...

  • Menu – April 29

    Apr 29, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – April 29

    Sunday: Cereal Roasted Deer, Texas Potatoes, Salad & Dessert Monday: Sour Cream Cinnamon Coffee Cake Texas Roadhouse Tuesday: Cereal & Fruit Smoothies Bahia Style Chicken & Risotto Wednesday: Potatoes-Eggs-Cheese Dinner with frinds Thursday: Yogurt & Granola Ugandan Beef, Onion & Cauliflower Stew & Chapati Friday: Oatmeal Dinner with Friends – Brats, Hot Dogs, Veggies & [&hellip...

  • Menu – April 22

    Apr 22, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – April 22

    Sunday: Cereal Tacos with Friends Popcorn Monday: Oatmeal Tum Chicken, Potatoes & Veggies Tuesday: Pumpkin Muffins & Fruit Pancakes & Bacon Wednesday: Oatmeal Cincinnati Chili Thursday: Egg-Cheese Sandwiches Chicken Caesar Salad Friday: Kids breakfast date with Sparky Arlene’s Beans – our new favorite restaurant with authentic Mexican. Check it out if you can! Saturday: Amish Breakfast [&hellip...

  • Menu – April 15

    Apr 14, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments
    Menu – April 15

    Sunday: Donuts Homemade Pizza Popcorn Monday: Cereal Taco Night with ET Team Tuesday: Hard Boiled Eggs & Fruit Smoothies Tuscan Pasta Wednesday: Eggs & Sausage Salmon Casserole Thursday: Oatmeal Dinner Meeting Friday: Cereal & Yogurt Dinner with Friends Saturday: Omelette’s Dinner with Friends...

  • Menu – April 8

    Apr 8, 18 • Menu PlanningNo Comments

    Monday: Cereal Italian Meatballs & Pasta Tuesday: Hard Boiled Eggs & Fruit Chicken Curry over Rice Wednesday: Eggs & Bacon Lasagna Skillet Meal Thursday: Oatmeal Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce Friday: Cereal Dinner with Friends Saturday: Chocolate Zucchini Muffins, Hard Boiled Eggs Fruit Dinner with Friends...